Rock Band 4 is 1 hour for sweating. I like it.

Tomorrow, I’m playing Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin on PS4. Hopefully, it’s really good.

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Aneurysm on my brain

I had a aneurysm on my brain – May, 21, 2013. My arm, my leg and my foot are half. Botox is coming, for my arm.

Here is a picture.

Botox is working, but probably in 5 years. Also, I am 26 years old.

I’m walking a lot, on YouTube. I have 10,000 steps each day.

My writing is hard. Games is really good, though.

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Announcing CMHQ – The Terraria Community Modding Headquarters

Today myself and about 10 others have teamed up to work on mods together for Terraria. Unfortunately, we felt the need to get rid of a guy with a big ego who did nothing but order us around (his alias is Hero), and he now thinks he can claim all of the work we had done previously. Any of our work that Hero releases is plagiarism. He’s going to try to claim that we’re the ones plagiarizing – it’s a moot point, since CMHQ mod releases will probably be included in the tConfig Installer as an optional component – and Hero’s mod is dependent upon tConfig. He has no argument. The worst that could happen is he rallies up a bunch of fans from his youtube channel, but then, most of them will discover the truth anyway.

Currently the TerrariaOnline forums have locked our thread, supposedly until we come to an agreement with Hero. I doubt there will ever be an agreement with him. For now, I may end up posting updates related to CMHQ on this blog, or on the tConfig Wiki.

The first mod we intend to release is Capture The Flag. We’re also working on Enchantments and a Phoenix boss. I’ll write up some more detailed descriptions later, but you can read the (locked) forum thread here: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/the-community-modding-headquarters-cmhq.82816/

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Update v0.22.4: Servers are color blind

This update is purely a (major) bug fix for the tConfig Server so that it can save again.

In the last update, I implemented some code for calculating the average color of custom tile sprites and writing them out to save files. Unfortunately, I forgot that the server doesn’t have any textures loaded on it! This made it refuse to save anything. This is fixed now, but keep in mind that the color value is written out as (0,0,0) when the server saves the world.

I have a pretty good idea for how to solve this: I can make the Modpack Builder calculate the average color value and save it to the mod file. I’ll add this to my to-do list.

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Hello world!

I think I’ll start posting the changelog for tConfig updates here. Anyone that desperately wants to know if an update has been released can use the lovely RSS feed from this thing. Plus, it’s easier to add a post here than to edit a wiki page.

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I am currently in the process of categorizing my poems and adding more categories to choose from. I have plans to upload the entire Fort Minor We Major mixtape for download and creating a webpage dedicated to free music downloads. All downloads on there will be legal. I’m not sure of what else to put there yet, any ideas would be welcome.

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My (Tentative) Classes for next year

These are the classes that I’m sure I’m choosing:

AP English Literature and Composition – 1 credit
Pre-calculus – Honors – 1 credit
Human Behavior – 1 credit
Guitar – 1 credit
German 2 – 1 credit
AP Computer Science AB – 1 credit

These are classes that I might pick:
Music Theory 1 – 1 credit
Intro To Java – 1 credit
History of Rock Music – .5 credits
Anatomy and Physiology -.5-1.0 credits
Film Studies – .5 credits

First of all, a friend of mine tells me that they do nothing but sleep in Music Theory, so I might not want to take that class. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to take Intro to Java and computer science at the same time, I’ll have to check that out with the counselor. I want to take History of Rock Music, but that means I have to take another 1-semester course, which would be either anatomy and physiology or film studies. But I could also end up taking anatomy and physiology for 2 semesters.

Either way, as long as I have those first 6 classes that I know I want, I’ll be happy. Although I really don’t want any study halls.

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